lone [lohn] adj.

  1. without company or accompaniment, solitary.
  2. standing by itself or apart; isolated.
  3. sole; single; only.

luster [luhs-ter] noun

  1. the state or quality of shining by reflected light; glitter, sparkle, sheen, or gloss.
  2. radiance of beauty, excellence, merit, distinction, or glory.
  3. luminous brightness; brilliance.



To be lone does not necessarily mean one is alone or lonely. Independent and unique, the idea stands on it's own, firm with an unfathomable quality--a sheer brilliance, an appealing shine. 

Loneluster was conceived with the intention of celebrating the unique radiance of individual spirit.

We cater to the constantly evolving, modern women who have a thirst for elevated apparel and accessories at affordable prices. Comfortable directly in the spotlight or behind the scenes, our Lusters are sophisticated silly, passionate at what they do, and fear only the drift from genuity of self. 

Originally founded and established in 2012, Loneluster began it's story as a hand-crafted jewelry business and grew its product assortment to supply apparel.


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